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Reasons to use vldtr

Why use vldtr

W3C has some great tools to help you find out why your web page or css file doesn't validate, but if you want to know whether your whole site still validates you have to go through a lot of steps. vldtr allows you to input all the html and xhtml pages, css files and feeds (rss or atom) in your site once, and then revalidate by clicking a single button. Just save your list and remember your unique url.

And if you enter a single url and then click the [Discover] button, vldtr will find all linked pages, css files and feeds in that site.

Or, if you need a one-off validation but don't want to remember the w3c url's for the different validators, use vldtr like this: http://vldtr.com/?url=http://google.com.

Why register

vldtr works just fine without an account, but if you register you get access to the dashboard, which displays all your lists. It also allows you to rename your lists.

The cost

Nothing, vldtr is free.


To see how it works go to http://vldtr.com/?key=vldtr. Click the Revalidate button to see the validation in action.

Discovery explained

If you use the Discover button, vldtr will find all pages below the one you entered. That means that if you enter 'http://vldtr.com/about' then 'http://vldtr.com' will NOT be found, because it is not a subpage of 'about'.

vldtr will discover any linked css files and feeds in the same domain, regardless of their location in the site tree.

Start now

Go to vldtr.com and start adding your url's to the list. Register here.

vldtr was built by Kruis IT.
For questions or feedback, please mail vldtr (at) kruisit.nl or contact vldtr on twitter.

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